Can any digital pen write on a Live PDF?

Yes! (almost always, anyway)

Almost all common digital pens are compatible with Live PDF, including:

  • Anoto Live Pen 1 from Anoto (DP-201)
  • Anoto Live Pen S from Anoto (DP-103)
  • Livescribe Sky Smartpen (USB docking only)
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen
  • Livescribe Pulse Smartpen
  • Destiny io2 Bluetooth
  • Logitech io2 Bluetooth
  • Maxell DP-201

(Some older pens are incompatible with Live PDF, including Logitech io2 USB-only (no Bluetooth) and Logitech io USB-only pens.  Also note that the newer Livescribe 3 pen is not compatible with Live PDF.)

Further, there are no pen licensing or limitation requirements imposed on a particular installation with Live PDF.  So with compatible pens, any number of pens can be used with Live PDF in whatever way that works best for you!

That means all of the following scenarios will work equally well with Live PDF:

  • One and Done - You print your expense report as a Live PDF, sign it with your digital pen, and the document is complete and ready for submission.
  • Collaboration - You print an agreement, addressing it to another party for signature, and you each sign with your own digital pen.  Each of you end up with your own copy of the fully-executed agreement.
  • The Never-Ending Document - You post a Live PDF checklist on a piece of equipment that needs to be inspected quarterly, then employees initial and date the checklist whenever an inspection is made, and the Live PDF document continues to receive updates.
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