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The Live PDF Feed is a helpful tool to keep you informed on recently-updated Live PDF documents.

Here's more detail about how the Feed works:

  • On the left side, you will see one feed tab for each Live Address you have in your Live PDF software.  By clicking a different Live Address on the left, you will see the feed for that Live Address on the right.
  • Also on the left is a tab for Getting Started, which is probably the very first thing you saw when you installed Live PDF.  You can use Getting Started to return to any of the Live PDF startup settings or tasks.
  • On the right side, you will see documents where the selected Live Address is a recipient or owner.  Document file names are the headings for each section and documents are arranged in chronological order, with the most-recently updated document at the top.
  • Note that when you print more than one copy of a document, the resulting Live PDF documents will not appear in your Feed (or in the destination folder) until inked.

By hovering over a document's area, this series of icons will appear:

Here's more about them:

  • Live PDF icon - Opens the Live PDF document in your PDF viewing software, e.g., Adobe Reader.
  • Folder - Goes to the folder that contains the Live PDF document.
  • Printer - Reprints the Live PDF document.  Note: Because reprinting a Live PDF document produces an document identical to the original, users may not allow reprinting on sensitive documents.  In that case, this icon will not be functional for the document.
  • Checkbox - Marks the document as done (or undone).  Think of this as merely a simple house-keeping tool that you may want to use to keep track of which documents require more updating.  If the document is shared among multiple recipients, each recipient has the opportunity to mark their own checkbox as done/undone in their own feed.
  • X - Removes the document from the feed.

By clicking the document name, that part of the feed will expand (or collapse) to display (or hide) more details and tools for the document.  When expanded, here's what you can see and do (refer to the first image above):

  • Along the top of the grey box, you will see thumbnail images of all of the document's recipients.  By hovering over any image, you can see their Live Address (or email address, if that is the case).
  • Displayed first will be the document's owners, then a little larger space between images, then the document recipients who are not owners of the document.
  • To the right of the images are 3 dots (...).  By clicking on them, you can update the list of the document's owners and recipients (if you are already an owner of the document).
  • Just below the images, there is a comment box that can be used to communicate with the document's other recipients.  In the image above, you'll see a comment that was added to the document's feed.
  • After the comment box is a list of document updates in reverse chronological order, all the way back to when the Live PDF document was originally created.  For each update row, icons help describe what type of update occurred.

Finally, there are two additional icons at the lower-left part of the feed:

The gear icon is a shortcut to the Live PDF Settings dialog, and the arrows icon is a way to manually refresh the Feed.

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