Controlling ink display color

When creating a Live PDF, you can determine how digital pen ink strokes appear in the marked up PDF.

This is controlled during the printing step.  By clicking the arrow next to Options in the New Live PDF dialog, you can access the option to control ink color.

Your choices include:

  • Use this digital ink color - Select this to set the document's ink display color.  After selecting this, click the "pen and ink sample image" on the left to open a color palette and select a color.
  • Allow ink color selection - Select this to let pen users control ink display color with an ink color card.  For more on ink color cards, see the attached file.

Note: Only the following pens have been verified to support ink color card use:

  • Live Pen 2
  • Live Pen 1 (DP-201)
  • Live Pen S (DP-103)
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