Optimizing Live PDF printing

There are a number of things you can do to help ensure good printing results with Live PDF.

First, it is important that your printer meets minimum requirements.  To work with Live PDF, a few things must be true about your printer:

  • Printout resolution must be 600dpi or a multiple thereof (1200dpi, 1800dpi, 2400dpi...).
  • The printer's black toner or ink must contain carbon, and the "other-colored" toners or inks must be carbon-free (these are both true of most printers).

Additionally, to work best with Live PDF, a few other things are highly recommended to be true about your printer:

  • The printer should be a color printer.
  • The printer should be driven by a PostScript3 (PS3) driver.  While many printers with PCL6 and GDI (host-based) drivers can technically work with Live PDF, PS3 drivers will likely continue to provide superior print speed, flexibility and output quality.

Second, you will dramatically speed up printing by eliminating the use of scanned or faxed documents.  If you have a scanned or faxed form that you regularly use with Live PDF, you will be certain to have much faster print speeds by getting (or re-making) that form's original digital file (Word, Excel, Publisher, Visio, etc).

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