Editing your account profile

Live PDF allows you to manage your Live Account profile.  To access your profile, you can login from, or can click the Login button on the Live Address tab of the Live PDF Settings dialog.

Once you are logged in, select the edit profile link and you will see a page similar to this:

Some of the parts of the image above may not be displayed, depending upon whether you are an account administrator.

An explanation follows of what each part of this page enables:

  • Account Name - This is the name of the Live Account to which this Live Address belongs
  • Live Address - This is the Live Address profile that you are editing
  • Delete this Live Address - Use this to delete this Live Address.  Note that if this Live Account has only one Live Address, and you delete the Live Address, you will be deleting the account as well.  Also note that if the Live Address you are about to delete is the only account administrator of the Live Account (see the last check box on the page), you will first need to name another Live Address as account administrator before you delete this Live Address.
  • Name - The name associated with this Live Address
  • Email - The email associated with this Live Address
  • Image - These are tools to manage the image that is associated with your Live Address, and which is displayed in the Feed and notification emails
  • Notes - A place to enter general comments about this Live Address
  • Add (@LiveAddress) to documents addressed to (EmailAddress) - This is a helpful selection to help other Live PDF users become aware of your Live Address.  When this box is checked and someone addresses a document to your email address, Live PDF looks up that email address and adds all associated Live Addresses as document recipients.
  • Email (EmailAddress) when a document is updated - By checking this box, update notifications will be sent to this user by both the Live PDF Feed and by email notification.  By unchecking this box, update notifications will be sent to this user only via the Live PDF Feed (except for Basic users, who always only receive email notification).
  • Account administrator - This determines whether this user is an administrator of the Live Account.  Beyond normal functionality, account administrators can do things like add more users, update payment information, remove users, and edit other users' profiles.

Once all desired changes have been made, select Save Changes.

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