Sending ink

To send ink with the Live PDF iOS app, you must first pair your pen to your iOS device.  For instructions on pairing, see here.

Second, you also need a printed command box (sample below), which when touched by a digital pen's writing tip, causes the pen to send its digital ink strokes to the Live PDF app on your iOS device.

There are two ways to get a printed command box:

  • You can include it when you print Live PDF documents - instructions here.
  • You can print a stand-alone command box here.

Finally, you need the Live PDF iOS app running on your device.

With those things in place ... paired pen, command box, app running ... here's how to send ink:

  • Write on the Live PDF document with your digital pen
  • Touch the command box with the writing tip of the pen

And, here's what happens:

  • The pen attempts to send the ink files (via Bluetooth) to the Live PDF iOS app.
  • The app then routes the files to the Live PDF service.
  • The ink is applied to the appropriate document/s.
  • If you are a recipient of the document, the app's document list will show the updated document.

Important notes on your digital pen and tactile feedback:

  • The Anoto Live Pen 2 provides both tactile and visual feedback during Bluetooth ink file sending to help you know what's happening.
  • When command box is touched, pen "bumps" one time indicating that it has started to send ink files via Bluetooth.
  • When all data is successfully sent and pen is again ready for use, it "bumps" one more time.  If something fails with Bluetooth connection or data send, pen will "buzz" vigorously.
  • Note that in between the first and final "bumps", or if a Bluetooth error has occurred, the pen will not record new handwriting for several seconds, and will "buzz" vigorously if used for writing on a Live PDF document.
  • If problems commonly occur, a good troubleshooting step is to unpair and re-pair your digital pen to your iOS device. For instructions on pairing, see here.
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