Pairing a pen to an iOS device - Pairing Pidget

(These instructions help you pair a Live Pen 2 to an iOS device via pairing pidget.  For instructions on pairing a Live Pen 2 to an iOS device via Anoto penDirector, go here.)

You will need:

  • iOS device with Live PDF app installed and Bluetooth enabled
  • Live Pen 2 with docking station and USB cable
  • USB power adapter that plugs into home/office or vehicle power source
  • Printed pairing pidget, a 5/16" (8mm) square with pattern printed in and around it (sample below).  If you don't have one, you can print one here.

To pair your pen:

  • Connect docking station to USB power adapter.
  • Dock the pen, then observe the pen screen after 10 seconds.
    • If your pen is new, it may have been sent in a completely-silent "shipping" mode.  Docking it to power will wake it up after a few seconds.
    • The image at the left end of the pen display indicates battery status.  It's a good idea to charge the battery to 50% before pairing.
    • If your pen is new and the battery is very low, it may take several minutes for anything to appear on the pen display.  Further, it may take an hour or two for your pen to charge to 50%.
  • Once battery status is acceptable, undock the pen and remove the cap.
  • In the Live PDF app, select Settings, then Pair Pen, then OK.
  • Touch the pen's writing tip inside the pairing pidget, and then watch the app screen.
  • Once your device finds the pen, confirm the pen pairing.


  • When Live Pen 2 pairing is successful, pen may give one short "bump".
  • When pairing is attempted but unsuccessful, pen may give a longer "buzz".
  • One cause of unsuccessful pairing may be incompatible pen firmware.  If possible, ensure you have the latest firmware installed on your pen.
  • It is not advised to pair pens via the iOS device's Bluetooth settings, as the pairing may be "lost".
  • If you review Bluetooth settings on your iOS device, do not be alarmed if you see your pen listed as "Not connected".  This merely indicates that your pen is not sending ink stroke data to your device at that moment.
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