What is Live PDF?

In short, Live PDF is a digital writing solution that lets you print Anoto dot pattern on anything you could normally print, write on it with a digital pen, and get a PDF of the result.  Live PDF also makes it easy and automatic to share your documents with others.

There's more to learn at our website, and the ways you can use Live PDF are as varied as people, but here are some examples of how Live PDF is already being used every day:

  • By everyday business folks who need to sign or counter-sign agreements with others.  Good-bye fax.  So long scanner.  Nothing today, FedEx.
  • By contractors who need to accurately record change order requests and client sign-offs.  No more confusion when the form blows out the window or is trampled underfoot on site.
  • By pharmacies who need to retain a signed copy of each prescription.  Good-bye, huge cabinets of paper archives.
  • By home care who need great records of their employees' care notes and completed tasks.

There's more to say, but that's a start.  We invite you to look around the Live PDF website for more information or, better yet, just get started today!

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