The control center of Live PDF is its Settings dialog, which has three tabs:

Live Address

Here you can manage the Live Addresses associated with your Live PDF software.  Using the links and tools provided, you can:

  • Add or remove a Live Address.
  • Edit where a Live Address' documents are stored.  By default, Live PDF starts with a sub-directory under My Documents for storing documents (example, My Documents\@bobhope), but you can make it whatever you want.
  • Set a Live Address as default.  If you have multiple Live Addresses, the default one will also be the document owner when you create new Live PDF documents.
  • Turn desktop notifications on or off by Live Address.

A Login button here also provides you quick access to your online account center.



This tab allows you to manage any printers you have associated with Live PDF.  For more information on adding a printer to Live PDF, see here.

When you click Settings, the following screen appears:

While these settings rarely need to be changed, here is how to understand them:

  • Printer Profile refers to a file that gives specific instructions to the printer about creating the Live PDF document.  As the universe of unique printer situations grows with Live PDF, there may be additional Printer profiles added in order to help optimize printing in these unique situations.
  • Color Settings refers to how black from your document is printed (since too much black from your document can interfere with a digital pen's ability to "see" the Anoto pattern that gets printed on a Live PDF document).  Here is an overview of the options available:
  • Auto Select - This leaves the selection in the hands of Live PDF and is usually the best option.
  • Standard - This produces the most "natural" looking document, but may not function properly on many printers.  For OKI color printers in particular, this option is usually the best choice.
  • Limited - This produces the "safest" printout (in terms of digital pen working right), but colors may not look as expected.  For most HP color printers, this option is usually the best choice.
  • Raw - This option leaves everything just as it is in your document, and is the best choice for any monochrome printer (since the black cannot be replaced with another color).

This tab also lets you manage your Quick Print folders, i.e., folders that contain PDFs that you commonly print and turn into Live PDF documents.  Included in Live PDF are a handful of note-taking pages that you can use as Quick Print documents, but you can add as many other folders of documents as you like.



The top portion of this tab allows you to manage any proxy settings that are part of how your environment's Internet connection works.

The Behavior section of this tab includes these settings:

  • Show Live PDF document feed at startup - Determines whether the Live PDF Feed automatically launches each time you start your computer.
  • Check for software updates automatically - With this checked, your computer will check every couple weeks for new Live PDF software and will notify you if anything is found.
  • Use realtime notification service - This enables faster document synchronization, however may not be compatible with all systems.
  • Hide print dialog - Enables or disables bypassing the Live PDF print dialog when creating new Live PDF documents.

Finally, this tab's Create support file button places a "zip" file on your desktop that contains information that may be helpful to our support team, if you ever hit a snag and need our help to see you through.

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