Adding a printer

Before creating and printing a new Live PDF document, you need to add a printer to Live PDF.  By doing so, you are telling Live PDF which printer you want to use.

To add a printer to Live PDF, select Add from the Printing tab of Live PDF Settings (below).

The Add Printer page will open (below).


To continue:

  • Select a printer to use with Live PDF.  If you do not see the printer listed, select Show more printers and look again.
  • Click Next, and an attempt will be made to print a test Live PDF to the printer.  Normal output is a single page covered with Anoto microdot pattern, giving the page a light grey appearance.

If you have a digital pen, you can now further confirm Live PDF functionality by writing on the page with your pen and then synchronizing the pen (usually by docking it in its cradle).

For more information on Live PDF printer requirements or troubleshooting printers, search for other articles by using keywords "print" or "printer".

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