What is needed to use my Livescribe smartpen with Live PDF?

The following Livescribe smartpens are supported by Live PDF:

  • Pulse
  • Echo
  • Sky (when synced via USB)

To prepare for using your Livescribe smartpen with Live PDF:

For all Livescribe smartpens:

  • See other articles here for computer operating system requirements and for printer requirements
  • See this from Livescribe for other information and to purchase your Live PDF service subscription
  • Make sure that your smartpen's firmware has been recently updated.  Please see Livescribe support for details
  • Live PDF and Anoto penDirector need to be installed and a Live PDF account must be created.  See here for directions.

Additionally, for Pulse and Echo smartpens:

  • Livescribe Desktop or Echo Desktop must be installed and updated.  For more information about these applications, please see here.

And, if you are using a Sky smartpen:

  • Livescribe Helper must be installed and updated.  For more information, please consult


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