Sharing a Live PDF document

One of Live PDF's strengths is the ability to easily share a Live PDF document with others, after which they are automatically notified of updates to that document.

There are three places where you can manage Live PDF document sharing:

  • At creation (or print) time
  • From the Live PDF Feed
  • From a Windows folder

Details for each are below, but first some background on permissions.

Every Live PDF has at least one owner, typically the Live PDF user who created or printed the document.  More specifically, the owner is the Live Address that was set as default in Live PDF when printed.  Other document owners can be added, but there must always be at least one, i.e., a Live PDF document cannot be owner-less.

The distinction between owner and recipient is important to note here, since only owners can update the recipient list.  Recipients can see the list, but cannot change it.

At Creation (Print) Time
Enter recipient Live Address or email address in the Live Addresses text box of the New Live PDF print dialog.

Note that at creation time you cannot make another user the document owner.

From the Live PDF Feed
Click on a Live PDF document to get the detailed view (you'll see information about the document owner and recipients, along with a comments box and a full list of that document's history).

Click on the "..." to manage recipients and owners on the Update Live Location page (below).

Recipients will have a green check mark, and owners will be noted with "(owner)".

  • To add a recipient, enter the Live Address or email address at the bottom then click Add.  You will see a new entry with the green check mark.
  • To remove a recipient, click on the recipient until the green check mark disappears.
  • To change owner status, right-click the recipient then select the Owner box to toggle owner status on or off.

In all of the cases above, your changes are not saved until you click OK to exit the dialog.

From a Windows Folder
The Update Live Location page can also be accessed from any Windows folder.  To do so, right-click the Live PDF document, select Live PDF, and then select Update Live Location.

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