Finding a PostScript3 printer driver

While most printers will work fine with Live PDF, you'll benefit from using a PostScript3 driver where available.  These drivers usually produce faster print times and more desirable output with Live PDF.

The best place to look is the printer manufacturer's website.  Most have excellent driver search tools.  Be on the lookout for any of the following key terms: PostScript3, PS3, or PS.

Some printer manufacturers also have PS3 versions of "universal" print drivers, which work with many different printers.

Once you have the driver, follow the instructions provided to get the driver installed.  Each printer manufacturer has slightly different steps to follow, but your process will usually follow this path:

  • Downloading - saving the driver installation file to your computer
  • Running - running the file that you downloaded.  Sometimes this will complete installation automatically, if your printer is automatically "found".  In other cases, this step will only "unpack" the install files and you'll have one more step to follow.
  • Installing - connecting your physical printer to the driver files that you have just downloaded and unpacked.  This usually starts in the same way that you originally added your printer to Windows, e.g., Start > Devices and Printers > Add a printer.

Once you have a PS3 driver installed, you can now add the printer to Live PDF.

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