Advanced print settings

When creating a Live PDF document, the New Live PDF dialog displays the most commonly-used settings.  The following additional settings are available by clicking the arrow near Options at lower left of the dialog:

  • Reprinting
  • Ink display color
  • Digital pen command box
  • Two-sided printing
  • Silent printing

More on each setting below:

Reprinting - Allows control of whether the Live PDF document can be reprinted with the same Anoto pattern, creating multiple identical copies of the document.  Reprinting is a powerful tool when multiple parties across wide geographies need to sign or otherwise update the same document.  With reprinting enabled, each person can reprint their own copy, sign or update with a digital pen, and Live PDF merges all updates together in the unified document.

Ink Display Color - Allows you to control the display color of digital ink added to the document, or to provide control to the digital pen user.  For more information, search this knowledge base for "ink display color".

Digital Pen Command Box - Allows you to print a digital pen command box on or with the Live PDF document.  There are two likely scenarios where this may be advantageous:

  • If you are using a Live Pen S (DP-103), tapping the command box will synchronize your pen strokes with the computer and your Live PDF document will be updated.
  • If you are using a Bluetooth-enabled pen, e.g., Anoto Live Pen 1 (DP-201) or Anoto Live Pen 2, and have the pen paired with a mobile device or computer, tapping the command box will attempt to synchronize and send pen strokes to the paired device.  For more information, search this knowledge base for "bluetooth".


Two-Sided Printing - Allows two-sided (duplex) printing, where the physical printer is capable of this action.

Silent Printing - Allows you to store current print settings and to bypass the New Live PDF dialog on future print jobs.

To return to non-silent printing, navigate to the Advanced tab of the Live PDF Settings dialog, and un-check Hide print dialog.

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