Basic print settings

To create a new Live PDF document, you first print to the printer named "Live PDF".  Following that, you will see this New Live PDF dialog with a thumbnail preview of your document (or your document's first page).

Here is an explanation of how to use each part of this dialog:

Document name - Displays the filename for your Live PDF document, and can be updated as desired.

Live Addresses - Allows you to add recipients to your Live PDF document.  You can enter Live Addresses (e.g., @bobhope), email addresses (e.g., ""), or both.  Once you have entered a recipient, Live PDF will remember it for future use and easy entry.

Comment - Allows you to add a comment to your Live PDF document, which will show up in recipients' Live PDF Feed and in update emails.

Print as... - This gives you control over the specifics of printing.  By clicking this, the following will appear:

  • Print as Live Paper - Creates the Live PDF document and prints out the physical document coated with Anoto pattern, so digital pens can be used to update the document.
  • Print as regular paper - Creates the Live PDF document and prints out the physical document without Anoto pattern.
  • Do not print - Creates the Live PDF document, but does not print out a physical copy.  This is a good choice if you are creating a Live PDF for someone else to sign with their digital pen - just add them in the Live Addresses box, select this option, and they will be able to reprint the document with Anoto pattern and sign.
  • Create template - Creates a template of a Live PDF document that can be used over and over again by others.  For more information, search this knowledge base for "template".

Printer - Select the physical printer to use, or click Add printer... to set up a new physical printer with Live PDF.

Options - Displays additional printing options.  For more information, go here.

Copies - Select the number of copies to print.  Maximum copies allowed at a time is 50.  Note that when you print more than one copy, the resulting Live PDF documents will not appear in your Feed or in the destination folder until inked.

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