The system has experienced an error while printing

When I print a page I get this error: The system has experienced an error while printing the document.
My printer is an HP Laserjet M553n. The driver of the HP printer is PostScript. The PCL driver is PCL6.

These printers have both native PCL and PS support. For LivePDF it shouldn't matter if you use a PCL or PS driver (note the difference between a driver and the physical printer), since it bypasses it any way, sending the postscript code directly to the physical printer.

The print drivers are there to convert incoming documents to a format understood by the printer (PCL/PS). Since LivePDF uses PS as base, there is no need to use the driver. A solution might be to use the default PCL print driver, since the alternative driver you are using now might have issues (PCL driver is normally a default driver on HP).

Installing PCL5 driver instead solved the problem.

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